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GTA Home Painting is a leading professional painting service in the Greater Toronto Area. We offers a wide range of services to both residential and commercial customers, ranging from interior and exterior painting to remove popcorn ceiling, deck staining, and more. Founded in 2016, GTA Home Painting has quickly become one of the top painting companies in the city due to our high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and outstanding value for money.

Our team of experienced and qualified painters are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, beginning the moment a customer contact us. All projects are planned, organized, and managed according to the customer’s unique needs and schedule. On-site, we take the necessary precautions to ensure a neat, safe, and clean workspace, and we are willing to consult with customers to find an appropriate surface coating and colour scheme.

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At GTA Home Painting we ensures that all of our work is completed to the highest standard. We use quality paint products, provide detailed before and after photos, Our company has a reputation for paying close attention to detail, ensuring that all surfaces are covered with an even coat of paint. In addition to this, we offer additional services that can be added on to the quote, such as window caulking, and repairs to plaster or drywall.

The customer is always the top priority and the customer service team is always on hand to provide advice, assistance and direction to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the project’s results. Regardless of the type of service, the customer can rest assured that the job will be completed on time, on budget, and with the utmost care.

For clients who are on the hunt for a reliable, top-notch painting contractor, GTA Home Painting is an excellent choice. With a commitment to customer service, high-quality workmanship, and great value for money, this company is sure to meet and exceed all expectations.

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At GTA Home Painting, we stand by the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive warranty for our painting services.Coverage Period Our warranty covers a period of five years from the date of completion of the painting project. During this time, we guarantee that our workmanship will meet the highest standards of the industry.What is CoveredPeeling, Cracking, or Blistering: If any paint applied by GTA Home Painting peels, cracks, or blisters during the warranty period, we will repair the affected areas at no cost to the homeowner.Surface Preparation: Our warranty includes issues arising from improper surface preparation, such as inadequate cleaning or priming.Application Defects: Any defects resulting from the application process, including uneven coverage or incorrect color application, will be addressed and corrected.What is Not CoveredStructural Damage: Our warranty does not cover damage caused by structural issues such as shifting foundations, water intrusion, or termite damage.Normal Wear and Tear: Fading, chalking, or other normal wear and tear resulting from weathering and aging are not covered under this warranty.Third-Party Damage: Any damage caused by third-party actions, such as vandalism, accidents, or homeowner modifications, is excluded from this warranty.Claims Process To make a warranty claim, please contact GTA Home Painting at 647.334.1234. We will schedule an inspection of the affected areas and determine the appropriate course of action. Our goal is to address and resolve all claims promptly and to your satisfaction.Exclusions and Limitations This warranty is limited to the original homeowner and is not transferable. The warranty is only applicable to painting services provided by GTA Home Painting. Any repairs or modifications made by other parties will void this warranty.

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